Our Team

Rob Sullivan

Captain of the ship, Newlove was Rob's missing piece. Learn more.

Al Thornton

Skipper of the ship, Al helps navigate Newlove through rough waters. Learn more.

Ciara Byrne

From managing product development through to marketing, Ciara breaks down walls. Learn more.

Johnny Clarke

Hardly ever sleeps because he's too busy turning his dreams into reality with the stroke of a graphics pen. When he does it's from counting polys not sheep!

The Story of Dublin's Startup Misfits

Johnny and Rob met at GGJ by chance in 2013, one was an artist the other a coder. With only 48 hours allowed, their student team developed Shattered Reality receiving outstanding reviews. Excited, in 2014 the pair met each week in Dublin’s Brew Dock. They designed small games they’d later make at home. In 2015, Johnny and Rob got some backlash from people within the Irish games development community when the boys said they wanted their GGJ game to look and feel like it's from a major games publisher. Creating a world from pure imagination was both challenging and exhilarating. Small studios struggled to turn a profit and no major Irish games publisher was hiring, so they decided to go out on their own. Pulse college was impressed with the demo and provided a temporary workplace.

There was tension within the team over making their game without funding. Team members left or were asked to leave. The guys continued to develop their ideas alone. Ciara and Al intrigued by the impressive work that had been completed to date joined. Ciara handled business development and Al handled the audio. Swimming against extremely powerful currents the team had to figure out how to make a publisher size game in 10 weeks on a shoestring budget or leave their space. Using the web and library they learned everything they could on project management. Designing a process, they called Adaptive Management of Project (AMP). With AMP, the team completed their Alpha in 10 weeks and made sales at Dublin Comic Con, further enhancements where made to the project and it was entered into Dublin Beta, winning third place. Adapting a project’s PMLC has transformed how Newlove makes games. Several new members have joined to learn how AMP works and make publisher style games. Johnny and Rob teach publisher style games development at Pulse college. They use the funds towards their game to improve AMP while attending events in Ireland with the goal have small games developers use AMP to make life more fun.